ZincBlue2 is the next-generation intelligent nickel-zinc battery-based uninterruptable power supply (UPS) solution. The ZincBlue2 nickel-zinc battery panel and battery module feature a more compact and lightweight nickel-zinc battery design. The unique battery panels can fit in normally unused space on the sides of 33x-type cabinets. The design allows for multiple slide-in installations, requiring no additional mounting, while the shelf/rackmount battery module design has a lower profile to allow more batteries to be stacked. The nickel-zinc battery technology is free from hazardous materials, requires no maintenance, is half the weight of lead acid batteries, and is fully recyclable, giving agencies peace of mind regarding the system’s safety, longevity, and reliability. ZincBlue2 is fully UL-certified to ensure compatibility with most agency requirements. As such, ZincBlue2 fully supports an agency’s green and Smart City initiatives.

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